Captain’s Log-USS Excalibur


USS Excalibur Announcements


********** Attention to Orders **********

Members of STARFLEET,

Today is a great day. Today we commission into our ranks, the Starship USS Excalibur, NCC-26517. She is an Ambassador class Starship. This Chapter is based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Earth, Sol Sector and CAPT Michael McCarthy is the Commanding Officer.

CAPT McCarthy, you are hereby cleared to begin deployed chapter operations in your assigned patrol area, with CAPT Heather Fike as your Executive Officer after reporting in to COMM Corey Grant at Region 15.

If anyone is interested in joining their adventure, contact CAPT McCarthy at

Commissioning a new chapter is the greatest joy that I have as STARFLEET Chief of Shakedown Operations. I wish you fair winds and following seas.

In Service, Real Admiral Steven Bowers


********** Attention to Orders *********

As Commanding Officer of the USS Excalibur, it is with a great honor to announce the following chapter promotions:

LT Robert Dyl Jr promoted to LCDR

LT Vicki Dyl promoted to LCDR

CRA Joshua Fike promoted to CRM

CRR Paul Mulvey promoted to CRA

CRR Patricia Mulvey promoted tp CRA

CRR Phyllis Mulvey promoted to CRA

CRR Paula Mulvey promoted to CRA

CRR Pam Mulvey promoted to CRA

Effective date: 202103.15

CDR Michael McCarthy, CO USS Excalibur



Please join me in welcoming the newest Shakedown Chapter to Region 15, effective July 22, 2020!

The USS Excalibur, NX-26517, an Ambassador class ship, is based in Portsmouth, RI, and is under the command of CMDR Michael McCarthy.

The USS Excalibur’s mothership is the USS George Washington, out of Region 15.

For additional information or to join in their adventure, feel free to contact CMDR Michael McCarthy at

Welcome Aboard!!

Rear Admiral Steven Bowers