Departments-USS George Washington



Command Logo2Command

The Command Department is responsible for the daily day to day operations of the chapter in general, finances and property of the chapter.


Operations Logo2Operations

The Operations Department is responsible for the operations activities such as monthly meetings, awards and promotions boards, collection of department reports, coordination with departments for chapter activities.


Communications Logo2Communications

The Communications Department is responsible for the chapter quarterly newsletter called the “THE FEDERALIST“. The department also represents the chapter and coordinates with both civilian and military agencies, the media and has final approval of the chapter fanzine called the “INDEPENDENCE


Medical Logo2Medical

Medical Department has two very important responsibilities within the chapter. The first is Keeping the crew informed of medical issues and topics. The second responsibility is the moral of the chapter. This is accomplish by coordinating the chapter monthly fun activities such as movie nights, cookouts, conventions etc.


Security Logo2Security

The Security Department is responsible for safe conditions for ship activities, assists in tile preparations of ship meetings and activities, serve as security at conventions and conferences. The Security Department also assist with transportation and routes to these events.


Engineering Logo2Engineering

The Engineering Department is responsible for the ships Star Trek Library and technical database. They also are responsible for any chapter computer gaming and simulators.


Science Logo2Science

The Science Department is responsible for keeping the chapter informed of real science technologies and discoveries, from our past, present and future, The department also coordinates information for .events that are related to both technology and that of the environment.


Support Logo2Support Services

The Support Services Department is responsible for creating and maintaining a ships Quartermaster While the Personnel section is responsible for all the personnel actions such as awards, promotions, records keeping etc.


Spec Ops Logo2MACO

MACO’s are the elite ground forces that are assigned to the USS George Washington and is responsibility is to coordinate with other SFSO units and assist the Security Department with security issues, and honor guards.


Diplomatic Corps2Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic Corps is responsible for maintain communications with other chapters and organizations such as KAG, Starfleet Command, UFPI etc