History- USS Gallifrey


The USS Gallifrey is in its beginning stages as a chapter of STARFLEET. The chapter was formed on 1 December 2014 but was officially launched on 19 January 2015 with the USS Helen Pawlowski NCC-8494 as the Support Ship, commanded by RADM Paul Dyl.

The name “Gallifrey” comes from another SCI-FI television series called Doctor Who. With many of the members being fans of the show, they decided to incorporate those features into the chapter. Gallifrey is the home world of the Time Lords, thus the name and class of the ship that represents the chapter.

The initial crew were members of the USS Helen Pawlowski who decided that there was a need for a correspondence chapter in the north eastern part of South Carolina. Many of the crew are scattered across the United States such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Commander Katie Staples was elected to lead  the chapter as the Commanding Officer and Gary Reynolds as the First Officer. The first few months have been devoted to organization of the chapter and setting up a good foundation for the chapter to further build on as she grows.

In June 2015, the chapter CO found herself in a family situation  which demanded her full attention and made the choice to step down as the commanding officer and return to the position of Chief Science Officer.  In July 2015, LCMDR Gary Reynolds who had been serving as the First Officer was elected to replace CMDR Katie Staples as the new chapter CO. CMDR Reynolds first official act as the CO was to appoint Carl Mogilka as the new First Officer.

The chapter completed her shakedown cruise and now begins her first year as a commissioned chapter of STARFLEET….


For a few years, the USS Gallifrey participated in sending care packages to U.S. Military personnel serving overseas, collecting and donating canned food items to a local church food closet, supporting children during the holiday season by participating in the USMCR Toys for Tots and a local Angel Tree Project which the USS Gallifrey sponsored two children each year.

The USS Gallifrey also held several movie nights, Thanksgiving Dinner for members of the crew who lived close by to the USS Gallifrey Commanding Officer. The Chapter also had members taking trips to places like Myrtle Beach, SC, the NC Zoo and NC Aquarium.

But with a growing feeling against the Region 1 Coordinator, the chapter decided to decommission as a STARFLEET Chapter and become an independent Star Trek Club on 201710.31.

In early March 2020, the previous USS Gallifrey Commanding Officer, saw the opportunity to bring the independent USS Gallifrey back into STARFLEET. After talks with the Station Robert de Bruce, who agreed to be the USS Gallifrey’s Support Chapter, the USS Gallifrey officially launched on 202007.30.

The USS Gallifrey and her crew now embark on a new adventure!

Previous Commanding Officer’s of the USS Gallifrey

Captain Kattie StaplesCaptain Gary ReynoldsCaptain Gary Reynolds
(201412 – 201506)(201507 – 201710)(202007 – Present)