MACO Advance Training


Introduction to TF31 MACO Advance Training

Notes on the Course Design

The MACO Qualification Course is based on the United States Special Forces Training. As you will learn from the MACO History, MACOs were created as part of the United Earth Forces after World War III and its members were from the Special Forces units from around the world.

The MACO Advance Training will try to simulate as closely as possible to the course material subjects as seen throughout Special Forces training but with a twist of Star Trek where possible.

MACO Advance Training Overview

MACO Operations Command Waiver
Any certifications which have been awarded to any Operator prior to the adoption of this manual are still in effect along with the past requirements to hold any current position or received awards. By adoption of this manual what changes will be the requirements to move forward.

All Operators who meet the above situation will only need to meet the requirements for the next grade in which they seek to certify and not the requirements for the previous grades. (Although the TF31 MACO Commander highly recommends that any Operator who does not have any of the previous grade courses, should at their own time go back to complete those missing courses).


TF31 MACO is a unique organization comprising all TF31 MACO Operations Detachments (MOD) and their assigned Operators to accomplish missions that require a special breed of person.

This is not a group that just any person can be a part of.

Because of this, there is no place for an untrained MACO Operator. Being a TF31 MACO is about training. All elite organizations have one thing in common, they are all highly trained, highly motivated and have a no failure mindset.

The adage of “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war” applies to those TF31 MACO Operators who are called upon to do the impossible with small groups. As with all TF31 MACO Operational Detachments, it calls for the training that allows them to believe “the hard is common place and the impossible takes a bit longer.” Training is something common to all TF31 MACO Operational Detachments and the more intense, the more likely the mission will be accomplished.

The MACO Advance Training Program is designed to:

  1. To train the Operator to a high level of proficiency needed for TF31 MACO operations.
  2. To encourage the Operators to continue to train, upgrade and maintain their high standard of proficiency.
  3. To have a progressive path and standardize training requirements for MACO Operator grades.
  4. To provide additional skills training, both basic and advanced.
  5. To most importantly have FUN!

MACO Advance Training Plan

  • To develop an advance training plan that supports the MACO mission requirements.
  • To develop the MACO advance training curriculum.
  • To develop an advance training plan that supports the MACO mission requirements.
  • To develop an advance training program which will include:
  1. Multiple Commands
  • MACO Operations Detachment
  • Chapter
  • Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations
  • Task Force 31

    2. Training Grades

  • Training Grades are how we differentiate our newer and less trained Operators from our more senior and more highly trained Operators.

    3. Training Support Facilities

  • All MACO Operators require advance training on previous trained tasks and new training subjects before continuing of any operational missions which involve probable enemy contact. Grade levels E5 through E10 (Enlisted track) and Grade Levels O5 through O10 (Officer track) are progressive and you must advance through each grade level available before being graduated to the next highest training certification grade. All course requirements are from specific colleges found with in STARFLEET Academy ( and SFMCA (
  • At this point the training department would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the staff and students of the SFA/SFMCA for all the courses offered by their respective colleges.

MACO Advance Training Grades

As mentioned above, training grades are how we differentiate our newer and less trained Operators from our more senior and more highly trained Operators. Do not confuse MACO Training Grades with Rank Grades.

After completion of the MQC, MACO advance training grades are divided into two (2) training tracks:

  • MACO Special Warfare Operator Training Track
  • MACO Special Warfare Officer Training Track

Once a MACO Operator starts their advance training track, the MACO Operator is not allowed to switch between the two training tracks except in the case that the Enlisted Operator takes a commission in the Officer Branch or If a MACO Officer resigns his commission and reverts to the Enlisted Branch. This switch is only allow one (1) time and the Enlisted would have to start at the Officer Grade O5 Level, likewise the MACO Officer would have to revert to the Enlisted Grade Level E5. There are no exceptions to this rule. Below you will see the MACO Advance Training Grades:

MACO Grades E5 through E7
Continues with advance training for those MACO Enlisted Operators desiring to serve in enlisted leadership positions that are specific to a MACO Operational Detachment and MACO Company.

MACO Grades O5 through O7
continues with advance training for those MACO Officers desiring to serve in Officer leadership positions that are specific to a MACO Operational Detachment and MACO Company.

MACO Grades E8 and E9
continues with advance training for those MACO Senior Enlisted Operators desiring to serve in senior enlisted leadership positions that are specific to a MACO Battalion, MACO Group and MACO enlisted staff positions.

MACO Grades O8 and O9
Continues with advance training for those MACO Senior Officers desiring to serve in senior officer leadership positions that are specific to a MACO Battalion, MACO Group and MACO Officer staff positions.

MACO Grade E10
Finalizes the advance training for those MACO Senior Enlisted Operators desiring to serve as the top senior enlisted advisor which is the TF31 MACO Command Sergeant Major.

MACO Grades O10
Earned by those MACO senior officers who have proven their dedication to both TF31 MACO and their furthered education with a desire to serve as the top MACO senior officer which is the TF31 MACO Commander.








MACO Additional Skills Training

To provide additional skills training, both basic and advanced, for Operators to better serve and contribute to the overall mission success of their respective TF31 Chapters, TF31 MACO Operational Detachments, Sectors/Quadrants, TF31 MACO Command and ultimately the United Federation of Planets.

MACO Additional Skills Training can only be started after the MACO Operator/Officer has completed the MQC resulting in completing MACO Grades E4 and O4.

Only one (1) Additional Skill can be awarded at any one time. (two or more additional skills can not be completed on the same date)

  • 180A MACO Officer
  • 1800A MACO Warrant Officer
  • 180B MACO Weapons Sergeant
  • 180C MACO Engineer Sergeant
  • 180D MACO Medical Sergeant
  • 180E MACO Communications Sergeant
  • 180F MACO Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant
  • 180Z MACO Senior Sergeant
  • Basic Aerospace Pilot (Shuttle)
  • Advance Aerospace Pilot (Drop Ship)
  • MACO Sniper
  • MACO Combat Diver




MACO Training Facilities


Construction on the new Military Assault Command Operations Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina is expected to be operational in 2374, but until then, several Starfleet Education Facilities augment the training need for a MACO Operator and MACO Operational Detachments. A few of the key facilities are mentioned below.

adv9West Point
It was originally established as a fort that sat on strategic high ground overlooking the Hudson River during the early years of the United States. Later it become the United States Military Academy for the Army. West point was used by the United States Army up through World War III, and was since taken up by the MACO organization housing the MACO Headquarters and several training facilities.

adv10Military Assault Command Operations Warfare Center and School
The Military Assault Command Operations Special Warfare Center and School (MWCS) – known informally as “Swick” – primarily trains and educates Starfleet personnel for the Military Assault Command Operations. Its purpose is to recruit, assess, select, train and educate the MACO Special Warfare Operators and Special Warfare Officers by providing training and education, developing doctrine, integrating force-development capability, and providing career management.

adv11Starfleet Academy
The Federation’s primary academic and leadership center of higher education for its Starfleet officer corps is based at San Francisco, Earth, adjoining Starfleet Headquarters in a complex near the landmark Golden Gate Bridge.

It offers a full four-year curriculum of traditional higher learning as well as the cultural, scientific, personal development and strategic needs required for future Starfleet officers.

adv12Starfleet Marine Corps Academy
Starfleet Marine Corps Academy, the premier training facility for the Starfleet Marine Corps. We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from Leadership to the study of the Jem’Hadar.

The historical home of the United States’ Navy and Marine Corps academies, Annapolis, was selected as the new home of the SFMCA

adv13Joss Hayes Special Operations Training Station
The Joss Hayes Special Operations Training Station was named after Major Joss Hayes who, commanded a MACO Operational Detachment attached to the USS Enterprise NX-01.

The station orbits the Saturn moon Titan and primarily trains and educates MACO Special Warfare Operators and Special Warfare Officers in the areas of Ship Boarding Raids, Ship based strategic apprehension of equipment or persons. The station is also the home to the MACO Zero-G combat training and orbital insertion techniques.


MACO Certification Training

MACO Advance Training
The MACO Qualification Course was just the beginning of training for both the MACO Special Warfare Operator and the MACO Special Warfare Officer. Now that you have graduated the MQC, it’s time for you to move on to your next training phase of your career, that is the MACO Advance Training.

As mentioned earlier in this publication, MACO advance training is broken down into two categories: Enlisted and Officer. MACO Grades E4-E10 and MACO Grades O5-O10 make up the MACO Advance Training.

MACO Advance Training Prerequisites
There is only one (1) prerequisite prior to starting any Advance Training certifications, that being, YOU MUST have completed the MACO Qualification Course first.

MACO Additional Skills Certification

MOS Certification
As a member of a MACO Operational Detachment Alpha, all your team members not only has their own MOS as part of the team but also you want your team members to be cross trained in the MOS of the other team members. If one member goes down, there is someone or someone’s that are able to help pick up the slack.

Additional Skills Certification
Every MACO is trained to be a part of a team, all with their own special skill sets, but there are additional skills that the team should have. Some special skills are for an individual to enhance the team capabilities while others special skills require the entire team to be certified. An example for an individual skill that enhances the team would be MACO Sniper Training. An example for the entire team to have an additional special skill would be the MACO Combat Diver Training. This is because the MACO teams mission objective may require a under water insertion and all team members would need to have the combat diver skill.

All MACO Grade Certification Forms can be downloaded from here