MACO Qualification Course

Introduction to TF31 MACO Qualification Course

Notes on the Course Design

The MACO Qualification Course is based on the United States Special Forces Training. As you will learn from the MACO History, MACOs were created as part of the United Earth Forces after World War III and its members were from the Special Forces units from around the world.

The MACO Qualification Course will try to simulate as closely as possible to the course material subjects as seen in the Special Forces Qualification Course but with a twist of Star Trek.

MACO Qualification Course Overview

MACO Operations Command Waiver
Any certifications which have been awarded to any Operator prior to the adoption of this manual are still in effect along with the past requirements to hold any current position or received awards. By adoption of this manual what changes will be the requirements to move forward.

All Operators who meet the above situation will only need to meet the requirements for the next grade in which they seek to certify and not the requirements for the previous grades. (Although the TF31 MACO Commander highly recommends that any Operator who does not have any of the previous grade courses, should at their own time go back to complete those missing courses).


TF31 MACO is a unique organization comprising all TF31 MACO Operations Detachments (MOD) and their assigned Operators to accomplish missions that require a special breed of person.

This is not a group that just any person can be a part of.

Because of this, there is no place for an untrained MACO Operator. Being a TF31 MACO is about training. All elite organizations have one thing in common, they are all highly trained, highly motivated and have a no failure mindset.

The adage of “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war” applies to those TF31 MACO Operators who are called upon to do the impossible with small groups. As with all TF31 MACO Operations Detachments, it calls for the training that allows them to believe “the hard is common place and the impossible takes a bit longer.” Training is something common to all TF31 MACO Operations Detachments and the more intense, the more likely the mission will be accomplished.

The MACO Qualification Course training program is designed to:

  • To train the Operator to a high level of proficiency needed for TF31 MACO operations.
  • To encourage the Operators to continue to train, upgrade and maintain their high standard of proficiency.
  • To have a progressive path and standardize training requirements for Operator grades.
  • To provide specialties, both basic and advanced, for Operators to better serve and contribute to the overall mission success of their respective TF31 Chapters, TF31 MACO Operations Detachments, Sectors/Quadrants, TF31 MACO Command and ultimately the United Federation of Planets.
  • To most importantly have FUN!

MACO Training Plan

  • To develop a basic training plan that supports the MACO Qualification Course requirements.
  • To develop the MACO Qualification Course Curriculum. To develop an advance training plan that supports the MACO mission requirements.
  • To develop a training program which will include:
  • Multiple Commands
    • MACO Operations Detachment
    •  MACO Company
    • Unit assigned chapter
    • MACO Battalion
    • MACO Group
    • Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations
    • Task Force 31

Training Grades

  • Training Grades are how we differentiate our newer and less trained Operators from our more senior and more highly trained Operators.

Training Support Facilities

  • All Operators require a basic knowledge of some subjects before continuing of any training. All grades are progressive and you must advance through each grade level available before being graduated to the next highest training certification grade. All course requirements are from specific colleges found with in STARFLEET Academy and SFMCA ( ).
  • At this point the training department would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the staff and students of the SFA/SFMCA for all the courses offered by their respective colleges.

MACO Training Grades

As mentioned above, Training Grades are how we differentiate our newer and less trained Operators from our more senior and more highly trained Operators. Do not confuse MACO Training Grades with Rank Grades.

MACO Training Grades are divided into three (3) training tracks:

  • MACO Recruit/Trainee/Candidate (Required for both Enlisted and Officer)
  • MACO Enlisted Training Track (Only STARFLEET members who currently hold an Enlisted Rank)
  • MACO Officer Training Track (All STARFLEET members who currently hold an Officer Rank)

MACO Grade 0 (MACO Enlistee)

The starting point for both Enlisted and Officer.

MACO Grade 1A – 1C (MACO Trainee Level 1-3)

Includes Basic Training, Advance Individual Training and Basic Airborne Training that all MACO recruits (Enlisted and Officer) in the MACO must complete prior to entering the MACO Training pipeline. Grades 1A-1C must be completed before moving on to Grade 2 MACO Candidate.

MACO Grade 2A – 2B (MACO Candidate)

Includes Phase 1A MACO Operations Prep Course & Phase 1B MACO Assessment and Selection is for all trainees (Enlisted and Officer) in the MACO must complete prior to continuing the MACO Qualification Course. Grade 2A & 2B must be completed before moving on to Grade 3 MQC Student.

MACO Grades 3A – 3D (MQC Student Levels 1-4)

Includes Phase 2A Small Unit Tactics (SUT) & Phase 2B Small Unit Tactics (SUT) – SERE , Phase 3 MACO Occupational Skill (MOS), Phase 4 Language Training. Grade 3A – 3D must be completed before moving on to Grade 4 MACO Special Warfare Operator/Officer.

MACO Grades E4/O4 MACO Special Warfare Operator & Special Warfare Officer

Phase 5 Robin Sage is for all students (Enlisted and Officer) in TF31 MACO prior to reporting to your MCO assignment.