Task Force 31 Annual Communications Awards


The Task Force 31 Annual Communications Awards are awards listed below that are awarded on an annual basis for accomplishments in the communications arena through out the previous calendar year. These awards are awarded to all members of a chapter associated with Task Force 31 who are assigned to the chapter during the period covered by the award.



(Unit means: Chapter-in-Training, Chapter, Chapter Department)

Criteria- The Newsletter of the Year Award will be issued for the overall newsletter.

To be considered for this award, each chapter must submit a copy of their newsletter to the Region Recognition Officer in accordance with your issuing schedule throughout the calendar year. Newsletters are expected to contain items of interest on a local level, but may include regional and Starfleet news as well. In addition to maintaining a high degree of accuracy with a significant level of professionalism, it should be informative, educational, and entertaining. The newsletter should contain a significant amount of original content and photographs.

Ribbon Description – Black



Criteria– The Website of the Year Award will be issued for the best overall Website.

In order for web pages to be considered for the Fleet Web Award and the Region’s Website of the Year, the link has to be on the Region 15 website by December 31st before the judging starts on January 1st to be considered for the previous year award. Each chapter web master is responsible for making sure his/her URL link is correct wherever listed prior to December 31. Only sites about a Region 15 member, chapter, MSG, or other Region 15 related item will be considered. Any other topic, even if done by a Region 15 member, will be ineligible. The website must be authored or designed by a Region 15 member, though they may use any commercial or pre-existing software or resources available.

While the specific method of judging will be left up to the judges, the following criteria will be considered in selecting the winning web sites:

Technical Correctness: any broken links or bad spelling

Advanced Features: use of Java, JavaScript, streaming media, plug-ins etc.

Compatibility: can you use different web browsers or operating systems

Multimedia Appeal: effective use of graphics and web content

Efficiency: quick downloading and appropriate image formats

Design: intuitive interface and organization

Content: provides appropriate information

Freshness: any recent updates

Overall Appeal

You do not have to win a Regional level web award in order to be considered for a Fleet web award. You are encouraged to update your web sites before judging begins at the Fleet level. Consult the Starfleet website for additional information. Regional winners are NOT forwarded to Starfleet for annual awards since they have their own system for determining winners.

Ribbon Description – Dark Grey



Criteria- This is for publications other than newsletters and the award has three categories.

1) Fanzines
2) Handbook

Ribbon Description – Light Grey