Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations




Greetings and welcome to the Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations  (MACO) home on the web.

What are MACOs?

Military Assault Command Operations (commonly abbreviated as M.A.C.O., pronounced “MAY-ko”) was a United Earth organization that existed as a part of the United Earth Military during the 2150s, prior to the founding of the United Federation of Planets. The MACOs were not associated with Starfleet. As of 2153, MACO tactics and technology were two to three years more advanced than those of Starfleet, but their combat expertise was initially limited to simulations conducted on Earth.

Brief MACO History

M.A.C.O. under original United Earth government, prior to the formation of the United Federation of Planets, where it acted as a military organization separate from Starfleet. M.A.C.O. troops were notably stationed aboard the NX-class Enterprise following the Xindi attack on Earth.

M.A.C.O. troops were active during the Dominion War, and saw combat during the Undine War. Former M.A.C.O. Paul Stiles was interviewed by Jake Sisko in the years following. During this time, M.A.C.O. included non-Human members, but remained a separate organization from Starfleet (The Needs of the Many).

By 2410, M.A.C.O. has been absorbed into Starfleet, and is closely associated with Omega Force and the Klingon Honor Guard. Members of M.A.C.O. have access to unique, armored uniforms, as well as specialized equipment to help them combat the Borg, the Undine, and other major threats such as the Iconians.

Why Task Force 31 MACOs?

The TF31 MACOs were once part of the STARFLEET MACOs back when they were called STARFLEET Special Operations (SFSO). After the appointment of a new Vice Commander STARFLEET, Rear Admiral Michael Garcia and along with Brigadier TJ Allen, the STARFLEET Special Operations Director began systematically changing the STARFLEET Special Operations without any discussions or considerations from current SFSO members. Decisions were made to change the name of STARFLEET Special Operations to STARFLEET Military Assault Command Operations, but instead of following the more cannon version of the MACO’s, Rear Admiral Garcia made directives that the STARFLEET MACO could not use any graphic or merchandise items that resembled the true Star Trek MACO. Today, the STARFLEET MACO and STARFLEET Marines are simply the same. Yet STARFLEET has not mandated the same directives across the FLEET and has caused a conflict of having a sense of double standards.

Several MACO units that made up the base of the MACO units in SFSO at the time (8 MACO Units, totaling over 150+ members) decided to leave the SFSO/STARFLEET MACOs to pursue a more cannon and sensible approach to the MACOs.

As it was for the Star Trek MACOs before the UFP, so it is with Task Force 31 MACO’s which is total independence from STARFLEET, STARFLEET MACOs and STARFLEET Marines.

What is Task Force 31 MACOs

The Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations or MACO is a independent group of like minded individuals that includes every walk of life, such as Veterans, current Military Service Members, Lawyers, Doctors and your every day Star Trek fan. We are in no way affiliated with the STARFLEET MACOs, however we do have units on STARFLEET Chapters.

The Task Force 31 MACO’s follow the Military Assault Command Operations and it’s time line as portrayed in Star Trek Online.

MACOs are trained in operations such as orbit-to-surface insertions, clear landing zones, long and short range reconnaissance, counter insurgency, intelligence and counter intelligence, and anti-terrorism to just name a few.

The MACOs are currently organized along five command echelons:

  • MACO General Staff
  • MACO Group
  • MACO Team
  • MACO Operational Unit
  • MACO Operational Detachment

Further explanations can be found in the MACO Organization Link to the right or the MACO Handbook located in the Library Link.

MACO Operators have some of the same goals as many of the other Star Trek fan clubs, such as community service and charity fundraising, but our MACO units also participate in mock missions, paint ball competitions, Airsoft competitions, Laser Tag etc. It is important to note that even though the MACOs are organized like military, we are in NO way an actual military or paramilitary organization.