Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations


Greetings and welcome to the Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations  (MACO) home on the web.

What is Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations (MACO)?

The Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations (MACO) is an organization assigned to Task Force 31. The members of MACO include veterans, current members of the military and your every day Star Trek fan in addition to those who like the military flavor to their Star Trek activities.

The MACO is currently organized around the MACO Company (MCO) which is the primary size unit and is usually assigned to a STARFLEET chapter. We are in no way affiliated with the STARFLEET MACOs or SFMC.

The MACO Special Warfare Operator (Enlisted) and the Special Warfare Officer have some of the same goals as the rest of STARFLEET, such as community service and charity fundraising, but our MODs also participate in mock missions, paint ball competitions etc. It is important to note that even though the MACO is setup like military, we are in NO way an actual military or paramilitary organization.

The Task Force 31 MACO Mission

Technically speaking, the mission of the MACO is simple. In fact, it is laid-out by the Federation Council in the MACO’s charter-issued by the Council in 2161:

– To develop and train initial and advance training requirements to meet future unit mission requirements.
– To provide reconnaissance for future ground and aerial strikes.
– To provide advanced intelligence for military planning.
– To assist indigenous people with training to defend themselves and act as a force multiplier.
– To act as specialized Hostage Rescue Teams.
– To act as forces to take back captured ships and bases.
– To infiltrate enemy positions and remove key leadership forces.
– To demolish covertly, the enemies ability to communicate among its forces.
– To retrieve or assist in the retrieval of deep cover intelligence agents.
– To provide counter terrorist/insurgency.
– To take part in fleet activities that test naval and marine station readiness and security.

Qualifications of a Task Force 31 MACO Special Warfare Operator and Special Warfare Officer

The Task Force 31 MACO is an all volunteer force, drawn from both Task Force 31 and Task Force 31 Marine Corps, with many of its Operators being combat veterans or experienced Intelligence agents or analysts. Special Warfare Operators and Officers of the Military Assault Command Operations take great pride in being part of their organization, and often have a friendly rivalry with the Federation Ground Forces. MACO Operational Detachments are trained to get in silently, carry out the task, and get out without being seen, and as such, they are rarely in the thick of the fight, but rather are somewhere off to the side, providing targeting information, or providing damage assessments after a strike. But don’t be surprised when you do see a MACO Operational Detachment smack in the middle of a defensive or direct action contact. The MACO’s are trained from small unit tactics to full brigade size combat missions.

Each MACO Special Warfare Operator and Officer is chosen for his intelligence, ability to work alone or in a team, his cool under fire, and the ability to get the job done, no matter what the cost.

Since MACO missions often take place outside the Federation, or at hotspots inside the Federation, the ability to blend in and a proficiency with languages is desired. The typical MACO Operator is highly intelligent, physically fit, and is endowed with above average survival and weapons skills.

For more information about the MACO Qualification Course (MQC) and Advance MACO Training, please refer to the MACO Qualification Manual and the MACO Advance Training Manuals.