Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations

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Welcome to Task Force 31 Military Assault Command Operations or otherwise known as MACO.

What are MACOs?

 The Military Assault Command Operations or MACO is a independent group of like minded individuals that includes every walk of life, such as Veterans, current Military Service Members, Lawyers, Doctors and your every day Star Trek fan. We are in no way affiliated with the STARFLEET International MACOs, however we do have units on STARFLEET Chapters.

MACOs are trained in operations such as orbit-to-surface insertions, clear landing zones, long and short range reconnaissance, counter insurgency, intelligence and counter intelligence, and anti-terrorism to just name a few.

The MACOs are currently organized along five command echelons:

  • MACO General Staff
  • MACO Group
  • MACO Team
  • MACO Operational Unit
  • MACO Operational Detachment

Further explanations can be found in the MACO Organization Link to the right or the MACO Handbook located in the Library Link.

MACO Operators have some of the same goals as many of the other Star Trek fan clubs, such as community service and charity fundraising, but our MACO units also participate in mock missions, paint ball competitions, Airsoft competitions, Laser Tag etc. It is important to note that even though the MACOs are organized like military, we are in NO way an actual military or paramilitary organization.