TF31 Awards Program News


The awards listed on the links appearing on the side bar on the right are officially recognized by Task Force 31. These awards recognize Task Force 31 personnel, chapters and associates for outstanding and significant service, deeds, accomplishments and achievements. Awards that are issued by other programs in STARFLEET, such as the MACO, SFMC, SFI, SFA, Region and SFMED are not listed in the awards manual or this site. For more information on those programs, please feel free to use the links listed below:

For STARFLEET awards criteria: and

For STARFLEET Academy awards criteria:

For SFMC awards criteria:

For MACO awards criteria:

These awards are recognized from the chapter (ship or installation) level to the TF31 level, thus in order to keep the program as simple as possible, there are no different levels of the same awards. Instead, the awards are appropriate for the action or accomplishment being cited.

Carefully read the award criteria in order to determine the appropriate award for recommendation. All awards are listed in the descending order or precedence. An explanation of the ribbons (TOS style or TWOK style) and devices are described in the awards manual and this site.