STARFLEET Task Force 31


Greetings, and welcome to the main website of STARFLEET TASK FORCE 31: The North American Star Trek Club!


Let’s first define Task Force: A Task Force (TF) is a unit or formation established to work on a single defined task or activity.

For STARFLEET Task Force 31, that single defined task or activity is STAR TREK Fandom.

STARFLEET TASK FORCE 31 (also referred to as simply Task Force 31, SFTF31 or just TF31) is an affiliation with existing Star Trek fan related chapters or groups ranging from Independent Star Trek clubs to chapters in clubs such as STARFLEET International, IFT and UFP etc. These chapters are currently spread across the USA.

Each chapter has its own membership requirements and organizational requirements.

What is the purpose of Task Force 31?

Forming a Task Force has several purposes:

  1. The Task Force offers a greater opportunity to work with other chapters from a large spectrum of Star Trek fan organizations.
  2. The Task Force offers an additional venue to resolve any chapter to chapter conflicts before and after any issue arises.
  3. It brings together like chapters from the same Star Trek related organizations to discuss the issues that face those chapters and its members and to formulate a mutual consensus or response.
  4. Gives insight of the different parent organizations that each chapter belongs to, and a better understanding how and what they do compared to the parent organization the currently belong to.

How does Task Force 31 accomplish this ?

We accomplish much of this via a Task Force council made up of each Chapter Commanding Officer. This council is lead by a Chairperson. Every two years the Chairperson is elected by the Commanding Officer’s from the chapters affiliated with Task Force 31. The Chairperson’s function is to coordinate and facilitate Task Force 31 activities but has no authority over the individual chapters or their crews. The Task Force COs communicate at the minimum once a week via teleconferencing, but also not limited to phone, emails, chat and when available, face to face.

The chapters in the task force are much alike. Almost every chapter has adopted the same awards program, the same promotion system and several other regulations. We also use the same award ribbons and share some of the same department logos. The concept is that by having a lot of the same day to day procedures, members from each chapter will have a much better understanding of each other. Should members wish to transfer for what ever reason, going to anyone of the other Task Force chapters, their rank, awards and accomplishments follow with no issues of having to take a rank reduction or not having your awards recognized.

The chapters in the task force are also different in many areas. Each chapters “fictional” timeline differs. For example; two of the chapters timeline puts them during the Wrath of Khan time period, while one chapter is far in the future in the 29th century, and several of the other chapters place there timelines with starting of Star Trek: TNG through just after Star Trek: Nemesis.

Other areas that the chapters differ revolves around the members interests. Some chapters are involved in online gaming with such games as Star Trek Online, Xbox and PS4 matches in Call of Duty: WWII and the HALO series. Others like crafts and some incorporate other Sci-Fi shows like Dr. Who, Star Wars etc.

We have some chapters that are involved more into community service compared to other chapters but each chapter has the same overall goal and that is to have Fun!

How do I get more information about each of the chapters that comprise the Task Force?

That is an easy question. All you have to do is click one of the chapter links in the main menu above. This will take you to which ever chapter you want to visit.

Thank you for visiting Task Force 31’s home on the web, and I hope you enjoy your visit with us.


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